Indian School Ajman encourages the students to excel in non scholastic areas like proficiency in co-curricular activities, participation in scientific and Environmental clubs besides sporting activities.



School Clubs:


Teacher-led extra-curricular activities and clubs are available to all children in the school. Every week on Thursday the students engage in various activities.


We have the following clubs:


  • Music Club

  • Arts Club

  • Science Club

  • Literary Club

  • Environment Club

  • Art and Home Science Club

  • Sports Club

  • Computer Club

Other Activities:

  • Classical Music

  • Classical Dance

  • Vedic Maths

  • Robotics

  • Taekwondo (Karate)



House System:


The school has a well-defined House System and encourages healthy competition in every area of activities and in academic excellence.


All students are allotted to four houses – Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz and Ruby.

Through various activities the house system helps develop camaraderie, team spirit and healthy competition. Good performance and exceptional deportment by students earns points for their Houses. Each house is placed under a House Mistress, who is directly responsible for the discipline and general well being of the members of the House. She is assisted in her tasks by a team, House captains, Vice captains and Prefects.


Regular Inter-House competitions are held throughout the year in various sports and extra-curricular activities, to keep the house flag aloft and to win the coveted Champion-House Trophy.



Student Council:


This vibrant body is at the forefront of all student activities. The student council members bring forth the ideas of the students to the faculty and the management team for improving the quality of school life and communicates the outcome to the students. The student council is to a large extent given the responsibility of maintaining discipline among the students.

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