Students of kg I are evaluated in two terms and students of kg 2 are evaluated in 3 Terms. Assessments are given to students after each topic. These assessments are a part of their report.


Grade I to VIII:

Grade I to V the academic year will be divided into 3 Terms.


  1. First Term will be April to June

  2. Second Term from September to November

  3. Third term from December to March.


Evaluation tests will be conducted every term. Besides this there will be three end of term examinations.


Weightage will be:

            Evaluation tests:    3 x 10% = 30%

            End of the term:    Term I    = 20%

                                            Term II   = 20%

                                            Term III = 30%

Evaluations are based on written tests,activities, classwork, home assignments and projects,


Grade IX TO XII:

Will follow the CBSE Board Pattern.

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