Message from the Vice-Principal

All around the world new things are being built, whether it is mobile phones, television sets, cars or buildings. But education lags behind. A lot of research has to be done to find the best ways of educating a child.


New schools are coming up in every country. If there was a mechanism of sharing the experience of different schools in different parts of the world, the system of education would move up in leaps and bounces.


We are a small school but we are trying to find ways of imparting education in a simple and systematic way.


We feel it is the relationship which is most crucial for teaching. If we understand a student and if the student’s heart is with the teacher, teaching becomes easy. Our emphasis is on academics and we want our students to do well in the board examination of Grade X & XII. Students and parents feel we are a little tough in the lower classes with portions and home assignments. But I want to bring it to the notice of parents that we are preparing them for higher grades where the syllabi are very large and also the time to answer the board question papers are limited.  


Students will be eager to learn if they feel that the teacher cares about them and is interested in them in a personal manner. And keeping the atmosphere in the school on a personal and family note we do our best to inculcate strong values besides academics.


Our efforts from the day we commenced were mainly to provide the best within our limited resources. Our main assets were and are our parents who have stood by us. It is heartening when a parent sends all his children to our school and they complete their studies and reach good positions in their career. And it gives immense pleasure when these students who went through our school send their children to our school though they have many alternatives. We are indeed proud that they have the confidence in our school and its teachers.


Mrs. Shobha Mohan

Vice Principal

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